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  • Listening to: City of the Fallen - Beauty and Affliction
  • Reading: The Dragon Reborn - Robert Jordan
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Exams are knocking on the door and I feel I have to stay faithful to the unwritten rule that governs my life. Do anything to postpone revision until a few days before. Revision is not even the right word for it, because if you are revising, you already have an idea about what your professors have been talking about for the past couple of months. But I am a firm believer of the \"Lets sleep until noon\" schism, and as such my faith prohibits me from going to lectures. Ever.

And so here I am, trying to fool my common sense into believing that seven days are more than enough to learn four months worth of material. My common sense is a sucker.

I am not only writing pointless journals to avoid the library. I have sunk my teeth in another fantasy series. A rather slim one this time. Just 14 books. It\'s called the Wheel of Time. You might have heard of it.

It is really good, but I am afraid I have become too much of a fool for novels that involve gore, severed limbs, taboos, and graphic sex. God have mercy  on my soul, it\'s all G. R. R. Martin\'s and Joe Abercrombie\'s faults.

So I am at the beginning of the third book now and from here on I must issue a big fat SPOILER ALERT! Not that anyone reads my \'Oh, so witty journal entries\', but as cheap condom adverts and pre-retirement sex ed teachers like to say: Better safe than sorry.

As I already said, the first two books were quite good. It was difficult to grasp a firm hold of the religious system of the world and what exactly the Dragon Reborn is supposed to do, but it clears up by the end of the first book. Very well written and engaging. Which is kind of not surprising considering how famous the books are.

What I liked about it in the very first book was that it was not clear who the Dragon Reborn exactly is. I liked the little signs and hints that pointed all of the three guys involved. Then the second book I liked, because it was fun watching Rand trying to avoid his destiny. I am a sucker for the whole \"Do you make your own future or is destiny laid out for you\" debate.

I adore Nynaeve! I love her to pieces. I just wish I knew which Ajah she chose! The suspense is killing me! And I think that she is perfect for Lan. I think he will become her Warder eventually.

I also love Perrin.

I like Mat. I kept hoping throughout the first book that he would turn to the dark side and proclaim himself as the Dragon Reborn and then Rand or Perrin would do so as well. And then the suspense would build up to a huge battle between the two, and then one would die in the arms of the other (I didn\'t really care which one exactly, I just entertained the whole idea for a while)

For Rand, I also had a hope. That the Aes Sedai would bring him forcefully to Tar Valon for taming. They would torture him a bit and just before they actually tamed him, he would connect with saidin and let hell break loose.

I don\'t care much for Egwene. I think the best girl out there for Rand is Elayne and I just wish the two would get it on!

I find Min\'s ability very interesting, I even remember the number of the page in the Eye of the World, where she tells Rand what she sees in him and his friends. 216 :D

Now at the beginning of the third book, I find Rand has become a bit angst, which is understandable. I like Rand most of the time.

And this is it for The Wheel of Time. I like it, but not as much as ASOIAF or the Kingkiller chronicles.


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sin(30) :D
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United Kingdom
I am a Biological sciences student in good old England.
I have been having two homes for the past three years, three during exams.
One in Sofia, Bulgaria, where I was born and raised.
One in Cambridge, England for two years, where I did my A-levels and has now moved to Liverpool, where I am attending university.
And I just can't ignore my makehift home in the library when exams start knocking on the door. By the end, it does feel like home :D
I love writing and drawing, but I suck at the latter. Thus, I try to save people the trouble of having to view anything I have drawn.
I swear a lot.
I have an unhealty obsession with sweet drinks.
I smoke like a broken chimney.
I am a social cripple.
70 % of the music on my iPod is soundtrack.
Still here? Still reading? You have high tolerance for nonsense :D
I also like using :D a lot.

Current Residence: United Kingdom
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Spiderman FTW!
Personal Quote: We are fools wheter we dandce or not. So we might as well dance.

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